Helping Small Businesses Succeed


Who Needs Help?

Short answer: Everyone that wants to improve.

Longer answer: Rare is the executive that can think strategically, focus on execution, and hold themselves accountable along the way. If you are among the incredible majority that recognize the need for and benefit of an unbiased, experienced professional to assist in any of these areas, welcome to the club!

Engagement Examples


  • Regular business strategy discussions including review of detailed sales/marketing plans, ongoing measuring and management of those plans, and appropriate change management discussions

Ongoing Business Counsel

  • Quarterly review and white boarding of business direction as well as sales, marketing, and hiring plans
  • Ongoing confidante and advisor for any business/professional challenges that arise


  • Developed job descriptions as well as compensation plans (including a customizable model) for the first account executives for different small businesses
  • Participated in interviewing/screening process

Common Business Challenges Addressed

  • Sales Strategy And Execution
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Hiring/Recruiting
  • HR Challenges
  • Financial Forecasting
  • Compensation Modeling
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Ongoing Business Counsel/Accountability

My Role in Your Success

Business Strategist/Advisor
Sales/Marketing Execution
Business/Professional Accountability
Small Business Guidance
Executive Therapist
Unbiased Third Party Perspective
Financial Forecasting

As an Executive Coach/Mentor for small businesses, I focus on areas such as business development, sales strategy, and growth strategy. In addition, significant time is spent on operational items such as HR, benefits, contracts, and opportunities for efficiency.

Business Mentor for small to
medium-sized organizations focusing mostly on business development and operational items. Key areas include:

  • Business Development
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation modeling
  • Operations
  • Process/Procedure
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing

Why Me?

Thirty+ years of experience in organizations of all levels, from Startup to Enterprise – both commercial and non-profit.

Served in roles ranging from technology, sales, marketing, professional services, human resources and recruiting.

What others have to say about me

“At a time of transition for our business, Joe worked with our firm to better streamline operations, hire a qualified staff, and budget accordingly. He continually followed up and displayed a true passion in his work. I highly recommend Joe in any path in which he may pursue.”

Truman M. – President, Alpha POS Services

“Joe Siok’s experience and expertise become evident the first moment he helps you and the personal relationship he forges with your company amplifies that experience. I’m very fortunate to have found him and my business continues to flourish thanks to his guidance.”

Derek C. – Owner, Spline Creative

“In the years working with Joe, he has absolutely shown true colors of a successful and strategic leader. He has coached me in many areas and I completely trust and rely on his input. I believe he is a true asset to any person or organization seeking his guidance. His leadership and coaching skills are truly ranked at the top.”

Shailesh P., small business owner

How to engage?

Just drop me a message with your top 3 business or professional challenges, we’ll discuss those (no charge) and decide on a plan that fits your needs,
urgency, and budget.

11 + 3 =

Joe Siok 


“Ideas are Easy, Execution is Hard”
– Let Me Help!

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